Raw SQL Query

Different users may have different needs, and although clusterpedia provides many easy search options, such as specifying a set of namespaces or clusters, or specifying an owner for a query, users may still have more complex queries.

In this case, you can use the Raw SQL Query provided by the default storage layer to pass more complex search conditions.

kubectl get --raw="$URL?whereSQL=(cluster='global') OR (namespace IN ('kube-system','default'))"

In the example, we pass a SQL statement for a WHERE query —— (cluster=‘global’) OR (namespace IN (‘kube-system’,‘default’)),

This statement will retrieve deployments under all namespaces in the global cluster and under the kube-system and default namespaces in other clusters.

The sql statement needs to conform to the SQL syntax of the specific storage component(MySQL, PostgreSQL).

This feature gate is exclusive to the clusterpedia apiserver

desc feature gates 默认值
Allow search conditions to be set using raw SQL AllowRawSQLQuery false

Raw SQL queries are currently in alpha and are not well protected against SQL injection, so you need to enable this feature via Feature Gate.