When using feature functionality, users need to enabled the corresponding feature gates.

For example, enable SyncAllResources of clustersynchro manager to allow the user of All-resources Wildcard

# ignore other flags
./bin/clustersynchro-manager --feature-gates=SyncAllResources=true

Clusterpedia APIServer and Clusterpedia ClusterSynchro Manager have different feature gates.


desc feature gate default
Set the default to return the number of resources remaining RemainingItemCount false
Raw SQl Query AllowRawSQLQuery false

ClusterSynchro Manager

desc feature gate default
Prune metadata.managedFields PruneManagedFields true
Prune metadata.annotations['lastAppliedConfiguration'] PruneLastAppliedConfiguration true
Allows synchronization of all types of custom resources AllowSyncCustomResources false
Allows synchronization of all types of resources AllowSyncAllResources false
Use standalone tcp for health checker HealthCheckerWithStandaloneTCP false