Quickly Deploy Clusterpedia with Helm

Currently Clusterpedia has supported a rapid deployment with Helm.

All of first, you need to check if helm v3 is installed in your current environment.


Pull the Clusterpedia repository.

Currently, the chart has not been uploaded to the public charts repository.

git clone https://github.com/clusterpedia-io/clusterpedia.git
cd clusterpedia/charts

Since Clusterpedia uses bitnami/postgresql and bitnami/mysql as subcharts of storage components, it is necessary to add the bitnami repository and update the dependencies of the clusterpedia chart.

helm repo add bitnami https://charts.bitnami.com/bitnami
helm dependency build

Choose storage components

The Clusterpedia chart provides two storage components such as bitnami/postgresql and bitnami/mysql to choose from as sub-charts.

postgresql is the default storage component. IF you want to use MySQL, you can add --set postgresql.enabled=false --set mysql.enabled=true in the subsequent installation command.

For specific configuration about storage components, see bitnami/postgresql and bitnami/mysql.

You can also choose not to install any storage component, but use external components. For related settings, see charts/values.yaml

Choose a installation or management mode for CRDs

Clusterpedia requires proper CRD resources to be created in the retrieval environment. You can choose to manually deploy CRDs by using YAML, or you can manage it with Helm.

Manage manually

kubectl apply -f ./_crds

Manage with Helm

Manually add --set installCRDs=true in the subsequent installation command.

Check if you need to create a local PV

Through the Clusterpedia chart, you can create storage components to use a local PV.

You need to specify the node where the local PV is located through --set persistenceMatchNode=<selected node name> during installation.

If you need not to create the local PV, you can use --set persistenceMatchNode=None to declare it explicitly.

Install Clusterpedia

After the above procedure is completed, you can run the following command to install Clusterpedia:

helm install clusterpedia . \
--namespace clusterpedia-system \
--create-namespace \
--set persistenceMatchNode={{ LOCAL_PV_NODE }} \
--set installCRDs=true

Uninstall Clusterpedia

Before uninstallation, you shall manually clear all PediaCluster resources.

kubectl get pediacluster

You can run the command to uninstall it after the PediaCluster resources are cleared.

helm -n clusterpedia-system uninstall clusterpedia

If you use any CRD resource that is manually created, you also need to manually clear the CRDs.

kubectl delete -f ./_crds

Note that PVC and PV will not be deleted. You need to manually delete them.

If you created a local PV, you need log in to the node and remove all remained data about the local PV.

# Log in to the node with Local PV
rm -rf /var/local/clusterpedia/internalstorage/<storage type>