About Clusterpedia

The Encyclopedia of Kubernetes clusters

This name Clusterpedia is inspired by Wikipedia.

It is an encyclopedia of multi-cluster to synchronize, search for, and simply control multi-cluster resources.

Clusterpedia can synchronize resources with multiple clusters and provide more powerful search features on the basis of compatibility with Kubernetes OpenAPI to help you effectively get any multi-cluster resource that you are looking for in a quick and easy way.


  • Support for complex search, filters, sorting, paging, and more
  • Support for requesting relevant resources when you query resources
  • Unify the search entry for master clusters and multi-cluster resources
  • Compatible with kubernetes OpenAPI, where you can directly use kubectl for multi-cluster search without any third-party plug-ins or tools
  • Compatible with synchronizing different versions of cluster resources, not restricted by the version of master cluster
  • High performance and low memory consumption for resource synchronization
  • Automatically start/stop resource synchronization according to the current health status of the cluster
  • Support for plug-in storage layer. You can use other storage components to customize the storage layer according to your needs.
  • High availability