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The Encyclopedia of Kubernetes clusters

Synchronize and search for multi-cluster resources

Clusterpedia can synchronize resources with multiple clusters and provide more powerful search features

Support for extensive resources

Clusterpedia can search for multi-cluster resources by different types such as Pod or Deployment,

and support combining multiple resources (such as Workload) into a Collection Resource to search for.

Search for Custom Resource

Compatible with Kubernetes OpenAPI

Clusterpedia can leverage existing tools such as kubectl or client-go to search for multi-cluster resources without additional frameworks or tools

Support complex search

Based on compatibility with Kubernetes OpenAPI, in addition to supporting Label Selector,

it also supports more complex and useful search conditions, for example:

Specify multiple clusters and namespaces

Use more powerfule Field Selector to filter resources by any fileds

Query descendant resources via a parent or even ancestor Owner

Sort by multiple resource fields

Support pagination and remaining items count

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Clusterpedia is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation sandbox project